The preservation and maintenance of the natural environment is a design and operational priority for the resort. The design process and subsequent construction and operations are guided by an environmental strategy that meets and exceeds the standards and principles indicated in the “green” resort addendum to the All Season Resort Guidelines of the Province of British Columbia and that is aligned with the project’s strategic goal of creating a resort that is in harmony with the local environment, traditions and people.

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Environmental Strategy

Goal: Minimize the resort’s impact on the natural environment while maximizing resort guests’ appreciation of the natural beauty and wildlife of the Premier Range.


Regulatory: ensure the resort design and facilities meet or exceed all environmental regulations;

Development Size: minimize footprint and create compact, pedestrian oriented “nodes” of development;

Energy: minimize energy usage especially with regards to snowmaking and lift infrastructure planning; seek alternative energy sources;

Water: minimize impacts on water, including avoiding the use of surface water, respecting riparian zones and ensuring adequate bio-filtration in runoff zones, and no snow making;

Wastewater: incorporate tertiary treatment;

Wildlife: minimize impacts on habitat and utilize best management practices;

Waste: minimize by initiating a waste management and recycling program with local facilitators;

Travel: minimize individual motorized travel;

Awareness and Information: create an interpretive narrative for the project;

Monitoring: institute an internal monitoring and reporting program;

Visual: design for minimal visual impacts on the landscape;

Social: communicate and consult with First Nations and local stakeholders; participate in regional planning initiatives.


Download the project’s preliminary environmental impact assessment